Alloy details

EN AW-6082 / ISO: Al Si1MgMn
Al 0.9Mg 1.0Si 0.7 Mn

Heavy duty structures in rail coaches, truck frames, ship building, offshore, bridges, military bridges, bicycles, boilermaking.
Machinery: platforms, flanges, hydraulic systems, mining equipment, pylons and towers, motorboats.
Nuclear technology. Masts and beams for shipbuilding (especially for sweet water).
Tubes for scaffolding, framework for tents and halls, piping, tubing Screw machine products. Rivets.

Characteristic Properties:
Very good corrosion resistance. Very good weldability (lowered strength values in the zone of welding}.
Good machinability. Good cold formability in T4 temper after a stabilizing heat treatment.
Heat treatable medium high strength construction.
Alloy with a strength somewhat higher than 6061.
Medium high fatigue strength. Not suitable for complex sections.

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