aluminium bozen top presse


50% are Soft & Medium Alloy,
50% are Hard Alloy.

More than 30 different alloys in total, including specialities like: 
2618A, 4032, 6020, 6026, 6262, 7003, 7012, 7022 and two proprietary alloys:

AB himach
Mg-Si lead-free aluminium alloy, mainly suitable for control blocks and pump carriers manufacturing within the automotive field.
Main features:
- high mechanical properties
- superb machinability: small chips, reduced machining time, reduced machining tool wear
- lead-free
- in compliance with the following European directives: 
2000/53/CE (ELV) and 2002/95/CE (RoHS)

AB hiforg
Mg-Si-Mn system based aluminium alloy, developed mainly for forging stock applications, where medium-high strength as well as a low tendency for recrystallization is required on the end product.
Main features:
- medium/high mechanical properties
- very fine grain structure
- good corrosion resistance


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