Aluminium Bozen S.r.l.



Alloy details

EN AW-6060 / ISO: Al MgSi
Composition: Al 0.5Mg 0.5Si Fe

Architectural sections for windows, doors, curtain walls.
lnterior fitting, frame system, lighting, ladders, railings, fences.
Heat sink sections, electronic modules, electro motor housings.
Flexible assembly systems, special machinery elements.
Truck and trailer flooring, pneumatic installation, railway, inside applications.
Irrigation, heating and cooling pipes.
Furniture, office equipment

Characteristic Properties:
Very good corrosion resistance. Very good weldability.
Good cold formability especially in temper T4.
Medium strength heat treatable alloy with a strength slightly lower than 6005A.
Medium fatigue strength. Commonly used alloy for very complex cross sections.
Standard decorative anodizing quality.