Aluminium Bozen S.r.l.



Inch Container Power tons
13'' 3500
16,5' 5000
3500 Ton. Press, 13'' (P1) running in indirect mode
5000 Ton. Press, 16,5'' (P2) running in direct and also in indirect mode

Max dimensions and weight:
(Feasibility depending also on following factors: Alloy, Physical status, End use, Tolerances, Die complexity, Length, Weight per meter)
- Shapes cc 370 mm - 167 Kg/m; 
- Tubes dia 330mm - 150 kg/m;
- Round bars dia 320 mm - 230 Kg/m;
- Square bars 220 mm - 131 Kg/m;
- Flat bars 410x100 mm - 111 Kg/m;

Max length 18.000 mm, according to weight per meter.

Bolzano strengths has always been Hard Alloys, Heavy and Large profiles, as well as:
the availability of a complete mix of alloys and sizes excellent quality due to indirect extrusion capability, Hard Alloy production know-how with very high productivity and low costs.

All products guaranteed in conformity to the highest certification standard, the EN 10204 3.1 norm and according to any specific additional customer requirement.

Extrusion capabilities and equipment:
- Fixed mandrel extrusions;
- In-line and out-line SHT (solution heat treatment);
- In line stretching;
- Straightening for big sections;
- Ultrasonic inspection.

Indirect extrusion advantages:

No friction between billet and container/liner ( reducing cortical grain coarsening and/or skin effect)
- Extra 30% of available press power compared to direct press;
- Higher productivity on hard alloys;
- Homogeneous structural material;
- Better surface quality;
Only use of scalped or turned billets means no risk of including cortical billet impurities.

Indirect extrusion disadvantages:

No complicated shapes due to matrix behavior, anyway not an issue / not requested for hard alloys.
No significant productivity advantages with soft alloys products
Profile circumscribed circle smaller than container one, opposite of direct press where you can exceed container size.

Mandrel extrusions advantages:

High quality and resistant monostructural (no extrusion weldings) hollow profiles, syimmetrical shapes.
This type of profiles is optimum for heavy utilization and safety parts like e.g.:
- High pressure equipment;
- Pump bodies;
- Automotive safety parts;
- Defense.