Aluminium Bozen S.r.l.

Finished Goods

Finished Goods

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50% are Soft & Medium Alloy, 50% are Hard Alloy
More than 30 different alloys in total

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Aluminium Bozen at a glance

The Bolzano Plant was built in 1936 to produce primary aluminum; later, it was transformed into an extrusion facility. It has long experience in the industrial application market. The main products are heat-treated rods and bars and forging stock pre-material, produced in all the alloys and large profiles specified in customer drawings.
With its sales coverage, it is present in main European and worldwide markets.



EN AW-6082 / ISO: Al Si1MgMn

Composition: Al 0.9Mg 1.0Si 0.7 Mn


EN AW-2014 / ISO: Al Cu4SiMg

Composition: Al 4.5Cu 0.9Si 0.8Mn 0.5Mg


EN AW-7075 / ISO: Al Zn5, 5MgCu

Composition: Al 5.6Zn 2.5Mg 1.6Cu Cr